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BoilX Wounds on the face are an unpleasant phenomenon. In the treatment of this ailment, it is necessary to take into account a number of important features: retardation of healing, superficial location of blood vessels, swelling of tissues, etc. If a wound has deep damage, you should immediately seek help from a specialist, if you have superficial skin lesions, use simple and proven folk recipes. Use an excellent tool for healing wounds on the face - St. John's wort infusion. To prepare it, pour 2 tablespoons of the herb with 1 cup of boiling water and cover the mixture with a tight lid. After, strain the infusion. Moisten a cotton swab in the product and apply to the wound a day for. For a greater effect, infuse a bit before use. After, the wound on the face will gradually heal. Prepare yourself an analogue of a special ointment for wound healing. To do this, mix 100 grams of beeswax, 100 grams of pork fat (internal), 100 grams of coniferous resin (spruce resin). Mix these components thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency is obtained and boil for. After this, cool the ointment and transfer to a glass container. Before using the product, wash the wound on the face with a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. Apply the ointment in a thin layer at night. After 3-4 days you will notice a clear improvement. A painful wound on the face can be cured with an infusion of birch buds. To do this, pour 4 tablespoons into 2 cups of alcohol (vodka). Leave the infusion for 5-7 days, covering the container with the tool with a tight lid. Wipe the affected area with the resulting solution 3-5 times a day until the wound heals. Make a healing ointment from fresh birch buds. To do this, grind 2 tablespoons of kidneys and mix with 3 tablespoons of butter until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Apply the resulting ointment in a thin layer 2-3 times a day to the problem area of the skin. Apply cabbage leaves for healing wounds, they no less effectively help with various wounds. Pass 50-100 grams of fresh cabbage leaves through a meat grinder. Add 1 egg white to the resulting mass and mix thoroughly. Apply this product 2-3 times a day for 30-40 minutes.